Code Compliance

The Village of Ludlow is responsible for protecting our community's health, safety and welfare through effective enforcement of codes and ordinances. The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to provide information to all interested parties and to fairly and efficiently enforce the Village of Ludlow Code and Ordinances.

Here are some common ordinances:

Golf Carts, Utility-terrain Vehicles (under 1200cc), and Snowmobiles may be operated upon the roadways in the Village by drivers possessing a valid driver's license provided said vehicle:

  • is registered with the Village ($5.00 registration fee), and
  • meets equipment requirements according to Section 24-8-3 of the Village Code, and
  • is covered by the minimum liability insurance that the State of IL requires of automobiles.

Dirt bikes, Mini bikes, and All-terrain Vehicles are not permissable on the roadways.